What is pretty and what are legs

This website is dedicated to legs. As far as we are normal people, we prefer pretty things, including pretty legs. That is why here we may observe different legs, which we consider pretty, including "women legs" (or "female legs"), "crab legs", "chicken legs" and so on. Some persons like also muscular (muscle) legs. I think there are plenty of admirers of the pretty girls legs (or pretty women legs), like these amazing ones on the photo over here:

Pretty young women's legs on the beach..

Some Linguistics

Pretty legs are just two words. They are an adjective ("pretty") and a noun ("legs"). "Legs" is the plural of "leg".

The idea

Prettylegs.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com is our idea, because we wanted to have a pretty legs subdomain, and because we're fans of the beauty. We do admire the legs' aesthetics and it is our pleasure to work about it here.

Do you know how to say, write or type "pretty legs" in different languages?

If you read it, then you understand it and, surely, you know that pretty legs is in English. Well, this language is a very popular, important language nowadays, but there are many other languages all around the world as well. So, now we can show you how to write/type in some of them "pretty legs". A little list:

Of course, there are plenty of other languages like German, Japanese, French, Vietnamese and so on, so in case you need more translations, you may use Google Translate.

Scientific information about the legs

A) About the human legs in Wikipedia in English (en.wikipedia.org)

B) About the "pretty legs" in Google (Google.com)

C) "Leg" in Encylopedia Britannica

☻ ☺ ☻ Some pretty legs fun ☺ ☻ ☺

1. "Pretty legs" is composed of 2 words and 10 letters (altogether).

2. Blinking stuff? Here we go: PRETTY LEGS. Blink, blink, blink...

3. For those who like to choose - "Pretty legs" or "prettylegs.seo-forum-seo-luntan.com" (the last one is the name of this domain), may choose here:


A) For those who like clicking, here are 2 thematic buttons for clicking. (They're just for fun, so they have no effects.):


A useful link: Pretty legs and much more in this omnilogy website.

1. Pretty female legs or pretty women legs

As a normal male human I think that one of the most pretty legs are the young female legs. See a good example of young women legs: young pretty female/women legs.

2. Chicken legs

As a person who prefer healthy meat, I think chicken is a good white meat. One of my favorite chicken meat is the one from the chicken legs. That's why here is a good baked chicken legs recipe: Chicken legs. I hope it's tasty for you!

3. Crab legs (and crab hands)

Something that we forgot to link here ago -- crab legs (and hands). Enjoy.

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